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What should I know about funeral homes in Montreal?

What should I know about funeral homes in Montreal

If you have to plan the funeral of a loved one, it can be intimidating to talk to a funeral director and to go to your local funeral home. Information about what to expect can help reduce the nervousness. Planning a funeral in Montreal is probably one of the most difficult tasks most people face.

What is the difference between a Crematory or Crematorium, and a Cemetery?

What is the difference between a Crematory or Crematorium, and a Cemetery?

The language of death and funeral arrangements can often be confusing because it’s unfamiliar. Most people have many questions about funeral services. Whether you’re considering burial or cremation in Montreal, our funeral directors are here to help you understand the options.   What is a crematory?  A crematory is the facility where remains are reduced to ashes.

Can I have a cremation in Montreal and still have a wake or visitation?

cremation in Montreal

There’s a misconception about cremation that says you can’t have a viewing, wake, or visitation if the person is cremated. The short answer is that you can have any kind of funeral service you want, regardless of whether you choose burial or cremation. There are some considerations if you choose a direct cremation in Montreal,

7 Questions about Cremations

Get your questions about cremation answered

Even though more people are choosing cremation in Montreal for end-of-life arrangements, there is a lot of misinformation about cremation. Let’s answer seven questions about cremation. How Does Direct Cremation Differ from a Cremation Funeral Service? In a cremation funeral service, the deceased is present at the funeral in a casket or coffin. After the

I’ve Never Arranged for a Cremation. What Are the Options?

Cremation Options in Montreal

Cremation is a dignified and respectful method of end-of-life arrangements. Understanding the types of cremation that are available can help you make decisions when you talk to the professionals at Direct Cremation. What are the options for cremation in Montreal? Cremation with Traditional Funeral Service A traditional funeral service is held with the deceased’s body

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