Funeral Services and Flowers – A Quick Guide

A Guide to Funeral Flowers

Flowers have been associated with funerals for generations. In the past, it’s likely that flowers were placed on the casket to cover unpleasant odors while mourners came to pay their respects. Today, flowers serve different purposes. Flowers create a beautiful atmosphere at a funeral in Montreal. Their beauty makes a nice backdrop against the sadness of death. Flowers are also a means of expressing grief when words can be difficult.

What Flowers Convey at Funerals

The flowers you choose to display at the funeral can convey different feelings. White lilies, common at funerals, signify purity, innocence, and rebirth. The Stargazer lily has pink tones with a sweet fragrance that signifies sympathy. The Oriental lily, which comes in shades of red, pink, and white, represents eternal life.

Roses for a Funeral Service in Montreal

Although roses usually convey romance, these beautiful flowers are often featured in funeral arrangements. Colors can represent different themes:

•        White – spirituality, purity, and innocence

•        Deep red – love and grief

•        Yellow – devotion and friendship

•        Pink – admiration, appreciation, and grace

•        Purple – dignity and elegance

Flowers Convey Your Love to the Family

All types of flowers can be used in funeral services in Montreal. Don’t worry about overthinking the flower display. Flowers are sent for the living and the dead. They represent your sympathy, regardless of the type of flower. They are a comfort for the family.

Direct Cremation Services can help you honor your loved one upon their final departure. Contact a funeral director about funeral arrangements in the Montreal area.

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