Month: July 2020

Celebration or rites are such important events


It’s a time to come together to help survivors and pay tribute to the person who has passed away. Celebration or rites allow us to share these difficult times with our family and friends. Sharing is an essential part of the grieving process. Without this gathering, many of us would find it difficult to accept

Why is funeral etiquette so important?

Socially, these gatherings unite us. We draw strength from each other by saying goodbye to the deceased, and we strengthen our relationships with survivors. But for many of us, offering our condolences to grieving family and friends makes us awkward and uncomfortable. That’s why we created this page. It gives you useful information and important

How to help people grieve

contact family

Listen to them. Just be there for them. Listen more, talk less. Give them your love and understanding, but also give them privacy if they need it. Validate their emotions. Everyone goes through grief in a different way. Some people constantly talk about their ordeals. Others stop talking altogether. Some cry and show a lot

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