Arranging Funeral Services for Veterans

Arranging Funeral Services for Veterans

The men and women who served in the military often have a deep connection to their duty. When planning funeral services in Montreal for a veteran, there are many options that can be included. Military honours can be celebrated for any veteran, whether the soldier died in service to the country, in an accident, or by natural causes. Here are some things you should know about arranging funeral services for veterans.

Families Can Choose Which Military Honors Are Performed at the Funeral

A funeral is a traditional way to honour the deceased. Whether a funeral is pre-planned or planned by the family, all discretion for military funerals is left to those planning. A family is assigned a military chaplain to assist in the planning of the service and to officiate, if the family desires. Military honours can include:

  • Proper draping of the Canadian flag over the casket and folding the flag afterwards
  • Military personnel in attendance, dressed in full military uniform with a black armband
  • Presentation of medals
  • Bugler who sounds last post

These honours can be included with a religious or non-religious service, in a military church, civilian location, or graveside. As you make online funeral arrangements in Montreal, simply tell the funeral director that your loved one is a military veteran. They will guide you with the appropriate services.

Military Death Benefits

Eligible veterans in Canada can apply to the Last Post Fund for compensation of professional services, such as the casket, urn, and grave marker. Families can make funeral arrangements directly through the Last Post Fund or they can apply for reimbursement to the veteran’s estate within a year of making arrangements. You can apply online or by phone. You will need the veteran’s military service record to apply.

Funeral Directors Help Arrange Funeral Services for Veterans

Those who have served in the military deserve to have their service celebrated as part of their end-of-life remembrance. Our funeral directors can help you pre-plan or plan a funeral that honors a veteran. For funeral pre-planning in Montreal, contact Direct Cremation to discuss how to proceed.

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