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Why should I consider funeral pre-planning?

Why should I consider funeral pre planning

Funeral pre-planning can be an emotional and challenging process, but it’s a valuable gift you can give to your family. Many people feel uncertain and unfamiliar when it comes to making funeral arrangements, but taking the time to plan can make a significant difference. Here are some key points to consider when thinking about funeral

Why should you pre-plan your funeral? 

Why should you pre plan your funeral

Pre-planning your funeral is a thoughtful and considerate choice that provides several significant benefits. By planning in advance, you ensure that your wishes are known and respected, sparing your loved ones the burden of making difficult decisions during a challenging time. It also allows for financial planning and potentially reduces costs. Moreover, pre-planning encourages open

How to Offer Condolences at Funerals? 

How to Offer Condolences at Funerals

Attending a funeral service in Montreal? Feeling unsure about comforting those who are grieving? Here are some tips to navigate this sensitive situation.  What should I say when offering condolences at a funeral?  When expressing condolences, it’s best to keep your words simple and heartfelt. Here are some phrases to consider:  What phrases should I

Do Many People Pre-Plan Their Funerals?

Do Many People Pre-Plan Their Funerals?

Talking about death is difficult for most people. No one wants to think about their own mortality, nor do people want to imagine life without their loved ones. It’s no wonder that only about 33% of Canadians have pre-planned their funeral. Many people end up having to plan a funeral for a loved one without

How easy is it to pre-plan a funeral?

How easy is it to pre-plan a funeral?

Pre-planning a funeral is a way to give your family peace of mind. One of the most stressful things a family must do is plan a funeral for a loved one who died. Pre-planning can be emotionally taxing, but it can alleviate many burdens after your death. Funeral homes in Montreal have resources that can

La célébration ou les rites sont de ces événements importants


C’est un moment de rassemblement pour aider les survivants et rendre hommage à la personne qui nous a quitté. La célébration ou les rites nous permettent de partager ces moments difficiles avec notre famille et nos amis. Le partage est une part essentielle du processus de deuil. Sans ce rassemblement, plusieurs d’entre nous trouveraient cela

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