Month: December 2020

Organ and Body Donation—What You Should Know

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “the only gift is a portion of thyself.” What better gift to give than organ donation upon your death? Even though organ donation is a practice that is over half a century old (the first successful donation was in 1954), there are still many questions about organ donation. Here are some

Key Terminology You Should Know when Preparing for a Funeral

Information is power. When you’re planning a funeral, understanding some of the phrases and terms from the industry can help you make decisions. You won’t be so overwhelmed with unfamiliar expressions at a time when your emotions are running high. Here are some key terms that you might hear when you’re talking to the funeral

Grieving During the Holiday Season

The holidays can be an emotional time, regardless of any other circumstances. When you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, it can add to the pressure. You may feel extra sad, even angry, and lonely. To counter these emotions and process your grief, it can help to find ways to take your memories

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