Mom Asked to be Cremated, but My Siblings say it’s Disrespectful. Is it?

Is Cremation Disrespectful?

Death is a topic that is often avoided. People do not want to talk about mortality. They don’t want to think about losing their loved ones. Because we often avoid the conversation, there are a lot of myths about cremation. Because burial has been the traditional method of caring for the deceased, some people believe that cremation isn’t as good of an option. Knowing the facts about cremation in Montreal can help you understand why it may be a good choice and clear any misconceptions about cremation being disrespectful.

Cremation and Religion

Many religions have strong beliefs about end-of-life arrangements. Faith guides many people through life. It should be considered at death. Most Christian denominations accept cremation today. Followers of Islam traditionally discredit cremation, preferring burial within one day of death. If your siblings believe that cremation is against your mother’s religious beliefs, you can ask the funeral directors with Direct Cremation for guidance or speak to your spiritual advisor.

Cremation Is Environmentally Friendly

Cremation has less of an impact on the environment than burial. Embalming uses chemicals to preserve the body, which can seep into the ground and mix with the soil and water. Although there are critics that are concerned about carbon emissions from a crematorium, new technologies are reducing the impact of cremation on the atmosphere. With cremation, the casket doesn’t take up space in a cemetery.

Memorializing Your Loved One Through Cremation

Some people choose burial as a way to remember their loved one in a particular location. You can keep your loved one’s ashes in a cemetery plot or mausoleum, but you have many more options. You may decide to scatter the ashes in nature or on the water. Ashes can be stored in an urn for a mantelpiece. Some families divide up the ashes in memorial jewelry, allowing each family member to have a remembrance.

Ask Questions to Get Information About Cremation 

If you or your family have questions about cremation, talk to the funeral directors with Direct Cremation. We want to help you carry out your loved one’s wishes, whether it is burial or cremation. Respecting the wishes of the deceased is important to the grieving process. Contact our team about cremation in Montreal.

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