How Can You Cope with Grief During the Holiday Season?

How Can You Cope with Grief During the Holiday Season

The holidays can be an emotional time, regardless of any other circumstances. When you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, it can add to the pressure. You may feel extra sad, even angry, and lonely. To counter these emotions and process your grief, it can help to find ways to take your memories

What Vocabulary Should You Have When Planning a Funeral?

Key Terminology You Should Know when Preparing for a Funeral

When facing the difficult task of planning a funeral, understanding the terminology used in the industry can empower you to make informed decisions. This knowledge can be particularly invaluable during a time when emotions run high.  What is After Care following a funeral?  After Care encompasses the resources offered to the bereaved family after the

Should You Be an Organ Donor?

Organ and Body Donation—What You Should Know 1

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “the only gift is a portion of thyself.” What better gift to give than organ donation upon your death? Even though organ donation is a practice that is over half a century old (the first successful donation was in 1954), there are still many questions about organ donation. Here are some

Funeral etiquette: What should you do at a funeral? And what should you not do? 

Funeral Etiquette - What to Do, What Not to Do

Funeral etiquette refers to the proper behavior and customs observed during a funeral or memorial service. It is essential because it shows respect and support to the grieving family and helps create a meaningful and comforting environment for everyone attending the funeral.  What should you do when attending a funeral in Montreal?  The compassionate funeral

It’s Never Easy–How do I Help My Family Prepare for My Death?

How to Prepare Your Family for Your D

Death is one of the biggest stressors imaginable. Although you really can’t prepare anyone for your inevitable demise, you can begin the grieving process by talking about it. If you’re facing a terminal illness, you can take steps now to pre-plan your funeral arrangements and help your family prepare for the practical issues surrounding death. 

What are the different services that funeral homes in Montreal offer?

What are the different services that funeral homes in Montreal offer

Many people only think about funeral homes when a family member or loved one passes away. But funeral homes in Montreal offer many different services well before and after death:  Funeral Pre-planning in Montreal  Our funeral directors can guide you through the process of pre-planning your own funeral or that of a loved one. This

What are some common misconceptions about funeral homes?

What are some common misconceptions about funeral homes?

Misconceptions about funeral homes are common. Some people think they are all the same, while others believe that they are only for the wealthy or the elderly. In reality, funeral homes in Montreal provide a variety of services and can accommodate any budget.  The truth about funeral homes in Montreal  Funeral homes play an important

What should I know about funeral homes in Montreal?

What should I know about funeral homes in Montreal

If you have to plan the funeral of a loved one, it can be intimidating to talk to a funeral director and to go to your local funeral home. Information about what to expect can help reduce the nervousness. Planning a funeral in Montreal is probably one of the most difficult tasks most people face.

What if prices go up or down after I have pre-paid for my funeral?

What if prices go up or down after I have pre paid for my funeral

Pre-planning and pre-paying for a funeral are special gifts you can give your family as part of your legacy. A pre-paid funeral can alleviate a great deal of the burden on your death. With inflation increasing the prices of everything, you might be worried about leaving your survivors a bill. If you’re thinking of funeral

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