Why are flowers commonly associated with funerals?

Why are flowers commonly associated with funerals

Flowers have been linked to funerals for generations. Historically, they were used to mask unpleasant odors at the casket. Today, they serve different purposes, including creating a beautiful atmosphere and expressing grief when words are inadequate. 

What do different types of flowers convey at funerals? 

The flowers chosen for a funeral can convey various feelings. White lilies, often seen at funerals, symbolize purity, innocence, and rebirth. Stargazer lilies with their pink tones and sweet fragrance signify sympathy. Oriental lilies, available in red, pink, and white, represent eternal life. 

Are roses appropriate for a funeral service in Montreal? 

Yes, roses are frequently featured in funeral arrangements, despite their usual association with romance. Different colors represent various themes: 

  • White symbolizes spirituality, purity, and innocence. 
  • Deep red expresses love and grief. 
  • Yellow conveys devotion and friendship. 
  • Pink signifies admiration, appreciation, and grace. 
  • Purple represents dignity and elegance. 

Can any type of flowers be used for funeral services in Montreal? 

You can use various types of flowers for funeral services in Montreal. It’s unnecessary to overthink the choice; flowers are sent both for the living and the departed, representing sympathy and offering comfort to the grieving family. 

How can Direct Cremation Services assist in honoring a loved one’s final departure? 

Direct Cremation Services can help you pay your respects to your loved one upon their final departure. You can contact a funeral director for assistance with funeral arrangements in the Montreal area

We hope this Q&A provides insights into the significance of flowers at funerals and helps you navigate this aspect of honoring a loved one’s memory. If you have more questions or need help with funeral arrangements, please contact us. 

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