I’ve Never Arranged for a Cremation. What Are the Options?

Cremation Options in Montreal

Cremation is a dignified and respectful method of end-of-life arrangements. Understanding the types of cremation that are available can help you make decisions when you talk to the professionals at Direct Cremation. What are the options for cremation in Montreal?

Cremation with Traditional Funeral Service

A traditional funeral service is held with the deceased’s body in a casket for viewing before the burial. If you want to choose cremation instead of burial, you can have this type of ceremony. You will most likely have to pay for a casket rental for the funeral. You may be required to have the body embalmed. This type of service gives many people closure, because they can see the deceased individual one final time.

Cremation with Memorial Service

Many families choose to have the deceased cremated, then follow up with a memorial service. The ashes can be interred at a mausoleum or in a cemetery, or you can choose to take the urn home and do something else with the ashes. You may want to have a picture of your loved one next to the urn at the front of the service. You can hold this memorial service at the funeral home or another location of your choice.

Direct Cremation without Ceremony

Direct cremation is becoming a popular choice for its simplicity. There is no ceremony involved. Cremation occurs shortly after death. The deceased is placed in a simple container instead of a casket. There is no embalming, viewing or visitation. Some families even choose not to hold a memorial service until they’ve had time to process the death.

What Type of Cremation Services Fit Your Needs?

The professional funeral directors with Direct Cremation in Montreal are here to answer your concerns about cremation to help you make the most thoughtful choices. We won’t tell you which one is right for you, because there are many things to take into consideration. We do help you understand each option, so you can celebrate your loved one’s life with dignity and respect. Contact us for cremation in Montreal.

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