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Why are flowers commonly associated with funerals?

Why are flowers commonly associated with funerals

Flowers have been linked to funerals for generations. Historically, they were used to mask unpleasant odors at the casket. Today, they serve different purposes, including creating a beautiful atmosphere and expressing grief when words are inadequate.  What do different types of flowers convey at funerals?  The flowers chosen for a funeral can convey various feelings.

How to Offer Condolences at Funerals? 

How to Offer Condolences at Funerals

Attending a funeral service in Montreal? Feeling unsure about comforting those who are grieving? Here are some tips to navigate this sensitive situation.  What should I say when offering condolences at a funeral?  When expressing condolences, it’s best to keep your words simple and heartfelt. Here are some phrases to consider:  What phrases should I

How Can You Pay Your Respects in a Meaningful Way?

How to Pay Your Respects

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy. Finding the right words and actions to show your support can be a daunting task. You may not need to say a lot, there are simple and meaningful ways to pay your respects, from sending sympathy cards to just being there.  Pay Your Respects

Funeral etiquette: What should you do at a funeral? And what should you not do? 

Funeral Etiquette - What to Do, What Not to Do

Funeral etiquette refers to the proper behavior and customs observed during a funeral or memorial service. It is essential because it shows respect and support to the grieving family and helps create a meaningful and comforting environment for everyone attending the funeral.  What should you do when attending a funeral in Montreal?  The compassionate funeral

What are some common misconceptions about funeral homes?

What are some common misconceptions about funeral homes?

Misconceptions about funeral homes are common. Some people think they are all the same, while others believe that they are only for the wealthy or the elderly. In reality, funeral homes in Montreal provide a variety of services and can accommodate any budget.  The truth about funeral homes in Montreal  Funeral homes play an important

What if prices go up or down after I have pre-paid for my funeral?

What if prices go up or down after I have pre paid for my funeral

Pre-planning and pre-paying for a funeral are special gifts you can give your family as part of your legacy. A pre-paid funeral can alleviate a great deal of the burden on your death. With inflation increasing the prices of everything, you might be worried about leaving your survivors a bill. If you’re thinking of funeral

Can you plan a direct cremation at your local Crematorium in Montreal?

Can you plan direct cremation at local Crematorium Montreal?

Cremation is one option for funeral arrangements, but there is no one-size-fits-all cremation service. Just as traditional burial services are highly personal, cremation can be personalized for your family, too. Whatever your reasons to keep things simple, we can help you find options for cremation in Montreal that fit your needs.   What is a direct cremation?   In a direct cremation, the body of the deceased

How do funeral homes in Montreal prepare the body of the deceased?

funeral homes in Montreal

When a loved one dies, it’s normal to be concerned about what happens to the body. Even in death, funeral homes in Montreal treat the person with dignity and respect. Preparation for funeral arrangements is carried out in many ways, depending on cultural, religious, or personal beliefs.   What happens after death? When a person dies, the body is transported

What do full-service funeral homes in Montreal offer?

Funeral Homes

Funeral homes in Montreal have a team of professionals that work with you to provide many types of services associated with funerals. Planning a funeral for a loved one is part of the grieving process, and it is not easy. Direct Service Cremation can help with the funeral arrangements and so much more, so you can honour the memory of your

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