Can you plan a direct cremation at your local Crematorium in Montreal?

Can you plan direct cremation at local Crematorium Montreal?

Cremation is one option for funeral arrangements, but there is no one-size-fits-all cremation service. Just as traditional burial services are highly personal, cremation can be personalized for your family, too. Whatever your reasons to keep things simple, we can help you find options for cremation in Montreal that fit your needs.  

What is a direct cremation?  

In a direct cremation, the body of the deceased is transported to a crematorium for disposition. There is no church service, no viewing, nor any other preparations associated with a traditional funeral. A  direct cremation is a simple option that occurs very quickly after death. It eliminates many of the processes of funeral services, saving you money.  

Is a direct cremation respectful of the dead?  

Direct cremation in Montreal may occur quickly, compared to traditional funeral services, but that doesn’t mean we don’t treat your loved one with dignity. We take great care in handling your loved one to prepare them for cremation. You can provide clothing you want your loved one to wear or ask us for funeral clothing, such as a shroud. Following the cremation, we return the ashes to you. You can plan a memorial service through our funeral home, or you can plan your own service with your church or at a private site.  

Why would you hold a direct cremation?  

Some people think that the funeral service is simply part of the grieving process. There is a misconception that having a  direct cremation does not allow friends and family to mourn. There are many reasons you may want to have a  direct cremation. It may just be a way to manage your grief. The deceased or your family may not want to have a traditional funeral.  

Help with making funeral arrangements in Montreal  

It’s understandable that you have many questions about funeral services and arrangements. Funeral homes in Montreal know that you may be unfamiliar with your options. We are here to help you through this difficult time. Your loved one’s final arrangements and celebration of life should respect their wishes and personality. We can oversee all aspects of the cremation or burial to ease your stress while you’re grieving. We treat your loved one with dignity and respect, no matter what type of services you choose. For more information about direct cremation or other funeral services in Montreal, please contact us. 

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