What is the difference between a Crematory or Crematorium, and a Cemetery?

What is the difference between a Crematory or Crematorium, and a Cemetery?

The language of death and funeral arrangements can often be confusing because it’s unfamiliar. Most people have many questions about funeral services. Whether you’re considering burial or cremation in Montreal, our funeral directors are here to help you understand the options.  

What is a crematory? 

A crematory is the facility where remains are reduced to ashes. Some crematories include a chapel or room where a funeral may be held. A crematory may also have a viewing chamber, so families can view the body before the cremation. Some crematories even have a cemetery or facility where ashes can be interred.  

What is a crematorium?  

A crematorium is the building that houses the cremation chamber, but it can also mean a place where ashes are interred in the cemetery. It can be attached to a cemetery, but it can also be its own entity. A crematorium can also be attached to a funeral home. Sometimes, the terms crematory and crematorium are used interchangeably.  

What is a cemetery?  

The cemetery is a place that is designated as a burial ground. A graveyard is also a cemetery, but the term refers to a cemetery attached to a church. Cemeteries have plots where the deceased can be buried in a casket, but cremated remains can also be buried in a cemetery. Some cemeteries have external buildings where deceased people are interred. These buildings are called mausoleums. Mausoleums can be specific monuments for one family or collective spaces for many different families. In colder climates, when a body cannot be interred in the ground during the winter, a mausoleum may be used as a temporary space until the grave can be dug. Funeral homes in Montreal can help you understand the process.  

Choosing cremation or burial for your loved one  

Making decisions after death is never easy. You may not know what your loved one wanted. You’re grieving. Funeral arrangements are highly personal. There may be religious, cultural, or individual traditions you want to uphold. Our funeral directors can help you through the process to determine which funeral options meet your needs.  

If budget is a concern, we have options to reduce the costs. Direct cremation in Montreal is an affordable option in which the deceased is cremated in a simple container without any ceremony prior to the cremation. You can always choose to have a memorial service after the cremation on your own schedule. Contact us to discuss funeral arrangements for a loved one. 

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