How do funeral homes in Montreal prepare the body of the deceased?

funeral homes in Montreal

When a loved one dies, it’s normal to be concerned about what happens to the body. Even in death, funeral homes in Montreal treat the person with dignity and respect. Preparation for funeral arrangements is carried out in many ways, depending on cultural, religious, or personal beliefs.  

What happens after death?

When a person dies, the body is transported to the funeral home. Before the funeral home does anything, the funeral director will get your permission to take the next steps. We explain everything that will happen. If you have questions, please ask us. Whether you choose burial or cremation, the first thing we do is to bathe and disinfect the body. What follows depends on your choice of funeral service options.  

Burial or cremation?  

A human body starts to change once death occurs. Although refrigeration can slow this process, if you are planning a viewing or burial, the body may need to be preserved by embalming. Some cultures and religions prohibit embalming. It’s up to you to inform the funeral home of your preferences. As part of the embalming process, the body is prepared for viewing. Cosmetics may be applied. The hair will be styled. You can prepare clothes and jewelry for the deceased to wear if you want. Before final disposition, you can ask the items to be returned to you.  

If you are choosing direct cremation or direct burial, the body probably won’t be on display. You won’t have to worry about embalming the body. You can still provide clothes for your loved one to wear during the final arrangements, or you can ask the funeral home to arrange for a shroud or simple garments. The body is placed in a container, often a simple box, for cremation in Montreal. Following the cremation, the ashes, or cremains, are placed in a plastic bag, which is placed in the urn to be returned to the family.  

We respect the body and your wishes   

Direct Cremation Services helps you with funeral arrangements that fit your traditions and wishes. We’ll explain each option, from direct cremation in Montreal to a traditional memorial service. We want to take care of your loved one with dignity so you can focus on celebrating your deceased family member and moving through the grieving process. Contact us with any questions you have about cremation. 

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