If I pre-planned my funeral, can my family change the arrangements I’ve made after I die?

If I pre-planned my funeral, can my family change the arrangements I’ve made after I die?

Pre-planning a funeral can be a way to ease the burden on your family when you die. If you’re concerned about your family changing the arrangements for your death, rest assured that funeral homes in Montreal do everything they can to encourage your survivors to follow your plan. Here are our recommendations to ensure that your funeral follows your wishes.  

Discuss Your Plans with Your Legal Representative  

During funeral pre-planning in Montreal, you can name an individual who will see that your funeral plans are carried out according to your wishes. Please talk to your legal representative about your funeral plans, even if it is a difficult conversation. You can explain why you have made the decisions you have, to help your representative understand what is important to you. If your designated agent is uncomfortable with your plans, you can name a different legal representative who will adhere to your wishes.  

When Circumstances Change 

Even the best-laid plans can have unforeseen problems, and funeral plans are no exception to that rule. Your legal representative can work with the funeral home to find solutions that meet your wishes when your plans are impractical due to unforeseen circumstances, or financially burdensome. You should trust your legal representative to make alternative arrangements when necessary.  

Our funeral directors understand that thinking about your own death can be difficult for many different reasons. We can provide the assistance you need to pre-plan your funeral and help you talk to your family. Contact us to get more information. 

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