If I Pre-Plan My Funeral, How Easily Can I Make Changes to the Arrangements I’ve Made?

If I Pre-Plan My Funeral, How Easily Can I Make Changes to the Arrangements I’ve Made? 

Funeral pre-planning in Montreal is becoming more common, as more people realize that they don’t want their family to be burdened with dozens of details on their death. Pre-planning your funeral is a relatively easy way to help your family get through the initial shock of death by helping them know your wishes. We understand that your wishes may change with your stage of life and want you to know that if you do change your mind about some details, that is fine.  

Ask the Funeral Director About Changes to Your Pre-planned Funeral   

If you pre-pay and pre-plan your funeral with funeral homes in Montreal, they will have documentation that outlines your wishes. If you want to change plans, you should discuss your options with the funeral home. If you are making dramatic changes to your plans, such as deciding to be cremated instead of buried, there may be some financial changes involved. The funeral home may need to create a new contract with you for the full legal benefits of pre-planning.  

Certain changes can be made just by speaking to the funeral director who holds your plans. We recommend reviewing your funeral plan every 5 to 10 years. This can help you feel confident that your funeral plan includes what’s important to you at this stage in your life. Your funeral is an important ritual for your loved ones.

Pre-planning lets you tell your family your wishes, which helps them manage their grief better. Contact us to learn more about end-of-life arrangements.

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