Do Many People Pre-Plan Their Funerals?

Do Many People Pre-Plan Their Funerals?

Talking about death is difficult for most people. No one wants to think about their own mortality, nor do people want to imagine life without their loved ones. It’s no wonder that only about 33% of Canadians have pre-planned their funeral. Many people end up having to plan a funeral for a loved one without any input. Funeral homes in Montreal can help you pre-plan your funeral to give your family peace of mind when the time comes.  

How to Start Talking About Death with Your Family 

When you start thinking about your end-of-life wishes, be honest with your loved ones. Tell them what prompted the conversation. Your family may tell you that you’re too young to think about death, but the reality is that we never know. Funeral pre-planning in Montreal is for anyone, regardless of age or health condition. You may need to be ready to table the conversation for a few days while your family processes your request. Don’t pressure them to discuss it but do explain why you think it’s important.  

Funeral Homes in Montreal Can Help You with Funeral Pre-Planning  

If your family isn’t ready to have this conversation, you can sit down with a funeral director. We can help you with pre-planning your funeral and then guide the discussion with your family. Preparing for the unexpected can help your loved ones through the difficult time of your death. There is a comfort in honoring your wishes. We encourage more people to think about pre-planning their funeral. Contact us to learn more. 

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