What if prices go up or down after I have pre-paid for my funeral?

What if prices go up or down after I have pre paid for my funeral

Pre-planning and pre-paying for a funeral are special gifts you can give your family as part of your legacy. A pre-paid funeral can alleviate a great deal of the burden on your death. With inflation increasing the prices of everything, you might be worried about leaving your survivors a bill. If you’re thinking of funeral pre-planning in Montreal, our funeral directors can help answer your questions.  

How Does Your Funeral Pre-Planning Contract in Montreal Read?  

When you pre-pay for your funeral, you will sign a contract that details how your money is being handled and how prices will be handled. Your money may be put in a trust that earns interest, which can cover additional costs due to inflation. Alternatively, your contract may lock in prices for the services and products you requested. If there is a balance on the contract, your legal representative will be responsible to cover the costs. Should there be any money left over after the contract is paid, it is distributed according to your wishes, which should also be outlined in your contract. When you pre-pay, the funeral director can explain how the funeral home handles your payments.   

Design Your Funeral the Way You Want  

Pre-planning your funeral is an easy way to help your family so they will not have to wonder what your wishes are on your death. Our funeral directors help you personalize your final farewell and celebration of life. Funeral homes in Montreal can help you with your funeral plans and find solutions for staying within your budget. Contact us to get started.  

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