What should I know about funeral homes in Montreal?

What should I know about funeral homes in Montreal

If you have to plan the funeral of a loved one, it can be intimidating to talk to a funeral director and to go to your local funeral home. Information about what to expect can help reduce the nervousness. Planning a funeral in Montreal is probably one of the most difficult tasks most people face. Think of it as one last gift to your loved one instead of as a chore. Learn your options and decide what fits your loved one’s choices as best as you can.  

What are the different services that funeral homes in Montreal offer? 

Funeral homes in Montreal offer a wide range of services, from burial or cremation options to traditional or virtual services, as well as after care for the family. With direct cremation in Montreal, the cremation occurs shortly after the death without visitation or funeral services. If you want to plan a more traditional funeral service or a Celebration of Life in Montreal, we can help you make those plans, whether you want a religious, military, or non-traditional service. Our mission is to help your family through a difficult time by laying your loved one to rest with dignity and respect.  

How do I choose a funeral home in Montreal? 

When choosing a funeral home, select one with a good reputation in the community. You want a funeral home that handles the services you want to use, such as a burial or cremation, or whether you need a facility to hold a memorial service. Ask the funeral home about any specific religious or cultural traditions that are important to your family to make sure they can handle that request. You may also want to check if your loved one had pre-planned a funeral in Montreal with a specific funeral home.  

What are some common misconceptions about funeral homes in Montreal? 

There are many myths about funeral homes in Montreal. Some people believe that funeral directors make a lot of money, but most funeral directors go into the service to help people through a difficult time. Another myth is that funerals are expensive. Although funerals do cost money, you can spend the bare minimum or as much as you want, choosing the services that fit your loved one’s needs and your budget. Making a budget for a funeral is not disrespectful to the deceased. It’s taking care of your current and future needs.  

What should I expect when I visit a funeral home in Montreal? 

When you go to the funeral home, you should be greeted by the funeral director or another staff member. Once you identify your reason for your visit, you will be shown to a private office to discuss arrangements. The funeral director may ask you a lot of questions to help complete the relevant paperwork involved and to come to an agreement about what type of services you need. You will be making many decisions about the funeral arrangements. If you can, bring a less emotionally involved friend or family member with you to help keep you to your plans. 

How can I make sure that my loved one’s funeral is handled properly? 

Funeral homes will usually explain how the body will be handled after death. If not, you should ask. There may be different protocols, based on which services you want. Embalming is not required for immediate burial or direct cremation, but if you are holding a visitation or traditional burial service with an open casket, you may need this service. Funeral homes in Montreal have regulations to follow and most are caring and compassionate while treating your loved one with respect and dignity.  

Can funeral homes in Montreal provide virtual funeral services?  

COVID caused an increase in virtual funeral services in Montreal, but this type of service was already being used in many places prior to the pandemic. A virtual funeral service can help families who are separated by miles, celebrate the life of a loved one. Even people who live close who have difficulties getting out can attend a virtual service, allowing them to connect with the grieving, regardless of health problems, accessibility, or other concerns. We recommend finding a quiet place to watch the service from a laptop, phone, or tablet.  

Get More Information About Funeral Planning in Montreal  

If you are planning a funeral for a loved one or want to pre-plan your own funeral, the funeral directors at Direct Cremation Services are here to help answer your questions and to guide you through the process. You can even use our online portal to make funeral arrangements from the privacy of your home. We have funeral directors that will work with you to find the services that meet your needs during this challenging time. Contact us for more information.

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