Losing a Loved One, Suddenly – How to Cope

Losing a Loved One, Suddenly - How to Cope

The sudden death of a loved one is probably one of the most stressful experiences. Unfortunately, you may have to deal with all the practical decisions about death at the same time you’re dealing with your loss. It’s not going to be easy, but you will get through it.

Know that You’re Going to Feel Emotional

Death, whether sudden or not, is sad. You are going to go through many emotions, from guilt and regret to anger and disbelief. Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling. No emotion is inherently bad. It’s just a feeling. Remember too, that feelings change. What you are feeling right now may be different in a week, a month, or a year. You may go through a range of emotions over the next few years. There’s no reason to rush your grieving process.

Accept Help from Others

When you lose a loved one, people will step in and want to help. It’s a tangible way of easing your burden. Take people up on their offer of help. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask. Your friends and family will understand. Let people sit with you and talk about your feelings. Sharing your pain and your memories will help you through this time.

Consider Counseling or a Grief Support Group

Grief is not an easy emotion to process. You may experience many different emotions. You may also experience physical symptoms, such as a lack of appetite or problems sleeping. Seek out counseling, a grief support group or medical help if you need to. The sudden loss of a loved one is traumatic. You are not alone and don’t need to deal with your experience on your own.

Get Back to Your Routine

After the funeral and once the family leaves, you need to try to find some normalcy in your life. It’s not disrespectful to your loved one to go back to work and to carry on with your life. Your routine will help you grieve and find your place again.

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