How Can you Honour Someone Who Has Died?

How Can you Honour Someone Who Has Died

With a direct cremation, you may not have held a memorial service. However, there are several heartfelt ways to honor your loved one: 

  • Connect with Others Who Also Loved Your Loved One 
  • Make a Memorial or Donate in their Honour 
  • Create Something New Out of Old 
  • Start a New Tradition or Continue an Old One 

Connect with family and friends who also loved the departed

Hold a wake with friends, share memories, prepare their favorite dishes, or watch a beloved movie together. Consider celebrating their birthday with a party, providing a space for everyone to grieve, talk, hug, and support each other. 

Create a Memorial or Make a Donation

Planting a tree, getting a tattoo, donating a bench, or contributing to their favorite charity are all wonderful options. You can also inscribe a message on the memorial to remind people of your loved one. 

Turn your loved one’s belongings into something new

Transform their clothes into a t-shirt quilt, a scarf into a pillow, or old ties into wall hangings. You can even use their old jewelry to create new pieces, keeping their memory close to you. 

Keep Traditions Going or Start New ones

Learn a new skill you think your loved one would enjoy, take a vacation to a new place, or establish new holiday traditions. Visiting cherished locations or setting a place for them during Thanksgiving dinner can also help you cherish their memory. 

Grieving is a process that takes time and remembering your loved one can aid you on your journey toward a different life without them by your side. For direct cremation in Montreal and all of Québec, including funeral pre-planning, Direct Cremation is here to assist you. Please  contact us to find out more about our services. 

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