Memorialization Beyond Direct Cremation – How to Honour Your Loved One

Memorialization Beyond Direct Cremation

With a direct cremation, you may not have held a memorial service as part of the process of death. You don’t have to have an “official” service to remember your loved one. Here are some ideas to honour the deceased.  

Connect with Others Who Also Loved Your Loved One

Hold a wake on your own with other friends. Share your memories. Cook up your loved one’s favourite dishes or watch a movie that your friend or relative loved. Don’t be afraid to celebrate your loved one’s birthday with a party. The point is to get together with others who are grieving. Talk. Hug each other. Cry. Provide support as you grieve.

Make a Memorial or Donate in their Honour

Plant a tree in memory of your loved one. Get a tattoo if you want to memorialize in a personal way. Donate a bench to a park or zoo. Donate to your loved one’s favorite charity. Maybe something special that could have a message inscribed to remind people of your loved one. The memorial can be something small and simple or big and elaborate.

Create Something New Out of Old

Use the loved one’s clothes to create something special. A t-shirt quilt is one option, but there are many others. Use a favourite scarf to make a pillow. Ties make great wall hangings. Use old jewelry to create new pieces to keep your loved one with you all the time. 

Start a New Tradition or Continue an Old One

Learn a new skill that you think your loved one would enjoy. Take a vacation to a new place. Start new Christmas traditions. Go to the cabin or cottage you always visited with your loved one. Put out a dinner plate at Thanksgiving for your loved one. Reflect on your memories and take on new adventures.

Grieving is a process that will take time. Continuing to remember your loved one will help you on that journey of finding a different life without him or her beside you.

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