Chosen to Speak at a Funeral Service? Tips on Crafting a Memorable Eulogy

Tips on Crafting a Memorable Eulogy

Giving a eulogy can be an overwhelming task. The first thing to know that this speech isn’t about you. Your goal is to honor the person who died. If you keep your focus on that, you can craft a eulogy that delivers the right message and emotion. Here are some tips for crafting a eulogy for a funeral service in Montreal.

Write Out What You Want to Say

You may feel pressed for time and think you can just ad lib at the funeral, but good public speakers know that one of the secrets to success is to have a plan. Start by making a list of things you think you want to include. This helps you gather your thoughts and stay organized. Next, take your thoughts and outline them in a way that makes sense. Start with a story about the person to draw the audience in. You want to be personal and conversational. This isn’t a formal presentation for an audience. It’s a way to help the ones who loved the deceased, process their grief. Be yourself and speak from the heart.

Here’s a simple outline:

  • Introduction – a story about the deceased, your relationship to the deceased and a thank you to the guests for attending.
  • A short bio of the deceased, talk about the other family members who were close to the deceased.
  • Special memories or stories about the deceased.
  • Any special achievements or qualities about the deceased.
  • Closing – a lesson that the deceased taught you, how the deceased impacted your life, or a goodbye to the deceased.

Practice Your Eulogy

There are many good reasons to practice out loud before you stand up to speak at a funeral service.

  1. You can time your speech. One thousand words on paper usually is about six to seven minutes in speech, but this can vary based on your own speaking patterns. You do not want to go over your allotted time.
  2. Practice lets you get your own tears out before the service so you can be confident. Yes, you may still choke up, but you can regain your composure more quickly. Emotions are expected and okay during the eulogy.
  3. Practice in front of someone else. This gives you feedback to make sure you are speaking clearly and slowly and that you’ve set the right tone.
  4. Practice is also a way of proofreading and editing. You can make sure the facts are correct and the order is logical.

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