Helping the Elderly Pre-Plan their Funeral

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A funeral is an important ritual for the loved ones. Planning a funeral is never easy. A common scenario in many families is, a person dies, and no one knows what he or she wanted as part of the funeral service. Making it even more difficult is that they only have a few days to plan a remembrance while the family is still in shock and disbelief. Helping elderly family members plan a funeral may sound morbid, but it’s a consideration that is kind to the family. Here are some things to remember.

Get Your Family Member’s Affairs in Order

If your family member can still handle their own legal affairs, make sure there is a will or estate plan in place. If he or she has a will, ask about updating it. There may be grandchildren to consider or family members in the will who have passed away. Tax laws may have changed. If the amount of the inheritance has significantly changed, it may put additional burden on the heirs. Your loved one may also want to donate to a charity or a friend. Make sure the executor is up to the task, too.

Discuss Funeral Wishes

As part of the funeral planning process, you should talk about how the body is to be prepared—for cremation or for burial. Bring up organ donation, too. If the senior hasn’t registered yet and wants to donate their organs, help them through that process. Discuss the funeral or memorial service. The Direct Cremation professional team can provide a funeral planning checklist to help you remember all the details. You should also discuss how the funeral will be paid for. Pre-planning and paying for the funeral will alleviate the financial burden on those left behind. There may be money in the estate to pay for the funeral, but it can take a while for the estate distribution to be finalized.

Talk to the professionals at Direct Cremation to help you talk to your senior about their final wishes.

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