It’s Never Easy–How do I Help My Family Prepare for My Death?

How to Prepare Your Family for Your D

Death is one of the biggest stressors imaginable. Although you really can’t prepare anyone for your inevitable demise, you can begin the grieving process by talking about it. If you’re facing a terminal illness, you can take steps now to pre-plan your funeral arrangements and help your family prepare for the practical issues surrounding death. 

What end of life health care options and limits do you want? 

Discuss options for your end-of-life care. Think about how you want your symptoms controlled as you near the end of your life. What goals do you have in your final months, weeks or days? Have you prepared an Advance Directive? Talk to your loved ones about your decisions. It will make it easier for them to accept your wants. 

How do I get my affairs in order before my death? 

Spending time dealing with finances and insurance before your death will make it easier on the survivors. Make sure your family knows how to find your insurance policy and will. If you haven’t made a will, consult a lawyer to write this valuable document. You can also discuss your final wishes with a funeral home to take some of the stress off your family. It can be helpful to discuss your computer, digital and social media footprint with your loved ones, too. 

Will talking to my family before my death help them? 

Death is a complex matter. There are practical matters to attend to, but then there is also the emotional loss. It’s not ‘morbid’ to start discussing your demise with your loved ones. It can help them, and you, prepare for the final days. If you have young children, write them a letter or leave them a video to watch when they are older. Talk to your family and friends about your legacy. Help them write your obituary. Enjoy your days together. 

Its Never Easy–How to Prepare Your Family for Your D

Planning for death is a weighty process. To make your death more peaceful for your family, give them the information they need to be prepared. 

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