Planning a Funeral Service? Plan Wisely for Eulogies and Speeches

Plan Wisely for Eulogies and Speeches

Choosing the right speakers for a funeral service in Montreal is a big responsibility. You want the service to be memorable and respectful and to flow smoothly. Here are some tips for choosing who should speak at the funeral or memorial service.

Choose a Leader for the Funeral

You want one person to start, oversee and finish the service. If the funeral is a religious ceremony, you may choose a religious leader, but it’s not mandatory that the officiant is clergy. You want to choose someone with a good speaking presence who is respected in your circle. The funeral director can help arrange a celebrant if you don’t have anyone in mind. Try to find someone who has experience in leading a room and can help you plan the service order.

Choose One Main Guest Speaker

The main speech at a funeral is the eulogy. This speech honors and remembers the life of the deceased. Sometimes, the choice of a eulogist is obvious. Your loved one may have pre-planned the funeral and chosen the person to speak. You may have someone in the family who is a good public speaker who wants to take the job. Often, in religious funerals, the priest or minister delivers the eulogy. You want to select someone who can speak fondly about the deceased without being overcome by emotion. Choose an individual who has good speaking and writing skills and who will honor your time frame. You may also want to select a couple of people to take on shorter presentations. Someone could read a poem, scripture or other reading. This lets others take part in the ceremony without putting as much responsibility on them.

Not Everyone is a Good Speaker for a Funeral

If someone doesn’t want to speak at the funeral, it’s best to respect their decision. You want your speakers to be confident. It’s always good to have a backup plan, just in case the person speaking gets distressed. Either the officiant can step in or have someone else ready to speak. Meet with the officiant before the service and discuss the service.

If you need help planning a funeral service in Montreal, contact our funeral directors. We can help you with the service that honors your loved one.

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