7 Questions about Cremations

Get your questions about cremation answered

Even though more people are choosing cremation in Montreal for end-of-life arrangements, there is a lot of misinformation about cremation. Let’s answer seven questions about cremation.

How Does Direct Cremation Differ from a Cremation Funeral Service?

In a cremation funeral service, the deceased is present at the funeral in a casket or coffin. After the service, the body is cremated. With direct cremation, there is no visitation or funeral service before the cremation. The deceased’s body is taken directly to the crematorium.  The family can decide when and where to hold a memorial service.

How Much Does Cremation Cost?

A direct cremation can cost between $900 and $2,000. A cremation funeral service will cost more. These charges can vary. It costs more to cremate an overweight person.

Do I Need a Casket or Coffin for Cremation?

If you choose direct cremation, you only need a rigid cardboard or plywood container to hold the body. In a cremation funeral service, you may be required to have a coffin or casket for the viewing and service, but you may be able to rent one for this purpose.

Can an Obese Person Be Cremated?

Yes, but you will need to find a crematorium that can process an obese person. Wider entrances and lifting equipment are generally required. You may have additional charges.

Who Authorizes a Cremation?

The person who has rights of disposition is normally a personal representative named in a will or the next of kin. In most cases, it would be the legal spouse, if available. If not, it would pass to the adult children, adult grandchildren, or parents.

What Happens if the Deceased Had a Medical Implant?

Some medical implants can be cremated safely, while others, such as a pacemaker, will need to be removed. The funeral director will discuss this with the family. 

What Can We Do with the Ashes after Cremation?

The family has a lot of options for the ashes. Some families wait until they are ready to decide.

Whether you choose a traditional funeral, burial, or a cremation, it’s important to honour your loved one and offer a dignified farewell. You may never have arranged a cremation or a funeral service, but help is at hand.

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