What is the difference between a traditional cremation and direct cremation in Montreal?

traditional cremation and direct cremation

When a loved one dies, you may have to make many decisions for final arrangements. Even if your loved one wanted to be cremated, you may not completely understand your options. Learn about the types of cremation in Montreal to make the right choice for your loved one.

What is included in a traditional cremation?

A traditional cremation includes many of the same elements you would have with a burial. The funeral home transports your loved one to the funeral home and prepares the body for a viewing in a casket. You may also have a funeral service before the cremation, with an open or closed casket. A traditional cremation may also include a witness to observe the cremation. You can work with the funeral home for the service that fits your traditions and culture.

What is a direct cremation?

A direct cremation in Montreal is different from a traditional cremation in the timeline. Direct cremation is a straightforward process, in which the body is transported directly to the crematory for disposition. There is no viewing or visitation at the funeral home, nor is the body embalmed. You can still host a memorial service, but you aren’t tied to the timeline of the funeral home.

Which type of funeral service is better?

Funeral arrangements are highly personal. There are often religious or cultural traditions to uphold. Your loved one’s wishes should also be considered. It’s difficult to say which funeral service is better. It simply depends on your own choices.

A traditional cremation lets you and your family go through the ceremonies of death and grief. The body is present at the service, allowing people to say their final goodbyes. Cremations save space in the cemetery, but the ashes are also portable. Some families divide up the ashes or find creative ways to memorialize their loved one.

Direct cremation gives you more time to arrange a memorial service. You’re not on the funeral home’s schedule to get family together and think about how you want to celebrate your loved one’s life. Generally, direct cremations are less expensive than traditional cremation services or burials, but it does depend entirely on the services you select.

Funeral homes in Montreal can help you through the details of making arrangements for your loved one. Our funeral directors understand that this is a difficult time, but we want to help you choose the services that are meaningful for you and your family. Contact us for more information about direct cremation.

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