Can I have a cremation in Montreal and still have a wake or visitation?

cremation in Montreal

There’s a misconception about cremation that says you can’t have a viewing, wake, or visitation if the person is cremated. The short answer is that you can have any kind of funeral service you want, regardless of whether you choose burial or cremation. There are some considerations if you choose a direct cremation in Montreal, but the funeral home can help you work through the details to host a funeral service that is meaningful for your family.

What is a wake and visitation?

A wake has different meanings, but at its core, it’s a social gathering held in conjunction with death. In the past, when a person died, the family and friends would hold a vigil until the body was buried or entombed. Although wakes were traditionally held at home, today, wakes can be held in the funeral home or any other convenient location. A visitation or viewing is usually held in the funeral home the night before the funeral. This is a time when family and friends can come together to begin the grief process, to share stories and memories about the deceased, and to comfort each other.

How does a viewing or wake happen with cremation?

Cremation services do not exclude a wake or viewing. With traditional cremation, you can decide to host a wake or viewing before the body is cremated. The funeral home will embalm the body and place it in a casket, which can usually be rented, until the deceased is taken to the crematory. With direct cremation, the deceased’s body is taken directly to the crematory for disposition. Instead of hosting a viewing or wake with the body present, you may want to wait until you receive the urn with the ashes. You can host a wake on your own timeline. A cremation in Montreal is one way to make final arrangements for the body. It shouldn’t dictate the type of memorial service you want.

Choose cremation services that you want

A funeral service is very personal. Every family has different traditions. Funeral homes in Montreal can help you make suitable arrangements for your loved one, based on your cultural, religious, military, and other concerns. We can answer your questions and help you find solutions to make the funeral services meaningful for your family. Contact Direct Cremation Services for more information.

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